Carey Ralston is on a mission to help end loneliness, isolation and overwhelm by creating safe spaces called Hallways where people can connect, inspire and learn from others who have walked in their shoes. The first Hallway that Ralston opened is called the Plant Powered Hallway. In this Hallway, Carey shares her own (very personal) story of anxiety, depression, and divorce and how she overcame it all with a change in her lifestyle and food choices. Since she started her Plant-Powered journey in mid 2016, Carey has worked with 100's of families, individuals, business owners and non-profits, shared her story and her food with thousands of people and has created over 25,000 plant-powered meals! Carey’s work has been featured in several local and national publications  including USA Today, The Jones Show, The Nice Guys Podcast, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The News Press and The Naples Daily News. Carey is a dedicated leader with a local non-profit who serves individuals living with mental illness.  She teaches plant-powered cooking classes weekly to empower their membership and improve their overall health. Ralston has also partnered with local community leaders and mental health advocates to create a Culinary Arts Program. This program is designed to train individuals, living with mental illness, culinary skills so they can become gainfully employed. Carey Ralston has found her purpose through her pain and now wants to share her story (and her food) with as many people as she can!